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We like to say here at Chico Flax every Blanket has a story. Our Christmas Blanket was designed by James Welsted of OlafMcTarn for the Northern California Weavers Cooperative. Hand dyed using 100% vegetable dyed virgin wool from sheep who graze in the Northern California vineyards by the amazing Jamie and Robert of the Kaos Sheep Outfit.. The palette of this blanket comes from Pomegranate, Oak Gall, Indigo, natural white wool, Madder Root and Rosemary

Only 25 blankets are being made to help start up the NCHW coop Northern California Handweavers Cooperative. Orders taken now until Dec 15th for Christmas Deliver. After the 15th rush orders delivery fees will apply.

Your purchase also supports regenerative, climate beneficial flax and our work towards a fully-local supply chain for high-quality linen in Northern California.

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