Believing in regenerative agriculture and processing systems, Durl and Sandy of Chico Flax are actively involved in every step of the process of making linen blend yarns. Chico Flax collaborates with local community members, farmers, fellow artisans and institutions to grow, harvest and process flax into linen blended-yarns and woven items. Check out our shop for more yarns, clothing and upcoming events.


Chico Flax along with Sandy Fisher Woven have created a variety of naturally sourced linen, wool and cotton blended scarves and cowls creating works of art. Colder days are upon us, what better way to keep out the cold then to wear a Cowl. This cowl is made !00 % Climate Beneficial wool from Lani’s Lana of Bare Ranch. Naturally dyed with Indigo/Madder. Sandy have shown these pieces and others at the Smithsonian Craft show and soon at the Baltimore ACC show in 2023. Priced at $250.00

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Flax Farm

Chico Flax’s blend of high-quality flax tow and retted straw is a beautiful byproduct of the flax processing done at the farm. It can be used for a myriad of applications. Our blend makes for especially high-quality paper. It also makes great pulp for all your creative projects. It is also wonderful for doll making, animal bedding or mattress fillings. In addition to being a natural material that can be composted at the end of its life, our Transitional Climate Beneficial flax is grown such that it captures carbon from the atmosphere into the soil we grow it in as well as the flax itself. This lightweight material is sold at $16.50/lb in 5-pound bundles. We can’t wait to see what you make with it!

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Sandy’s work will be featured in this year’s American Craft Council Show – Baltimore Marketplace at the Baltimore Convention Center, March 3-5, 2023. She will be showing our handwoven shawls and scarves made out of our Chico linen/wool blended yarns and other Fibershed Producers wool and cotton yarns.  Come check us out if you are on the East coast.

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