Climate Beneficial Items

Over the past few years I have been working to create a line of linen yarns made from locally sourced flax fiber here in Chico through my other passion Chico Flax.  This led me to Fibershed where I met Lani Estil of Cedarville, CA..  I am very excited to be now working with Lani’s Lana – Fine Rombouillet climate beneficial Wool Yarn.  This coming year I will be sharing with you some of my beautiful creations I am weaving with her yarn.  Oh and yes I will be weaving with our flax blends coming in 2020.  You can check them out here and on my Instagram sfwovens5 in the coming months.

Hand and Bath Towels

My towels are made with Linen and cotton blends.  Machine washable in either natural dyes of color from my large variety of cotton and linen yarn stock.  All items are available by contacting me for prices and sizes.

Handbags & Totes

Truly a sustainable item. Made of my own hand woven scraps, sewn together to create the whole these totes can become the one you will use to hold your groceries, books for the book club and or knitting yarns for the on the go person. Fully lined with sturdy 100% cotton canvas. Each tote is a one-of-a-kind hand dyed piece. Can do custom colors for an additional $20.00.

I am currently working on bags that have more recycled parts!  Using bicycle tubes/tires and banners from bike shops these messenger bags are very unique.

  • Size 19″ wide by 13″ deep. Cost = $75.00 each
  • Please contact me to order.

Table Runners & Place Mats

These are my signature pieces placemats and table runners woven with a linen warp and weft of blended cottons and paper! Yes, these placemats/table runners have paper woven in them. You might ask how can that hold up? The paper I use has a large fiber content, when woven into the piece becomes very strong. Each placemat can handle a hand wash with a gentle spin cycle.

  • The placemats measure 16”x19” and the table runners are 18×72″, 18×96″ or 18×103″.
  • They come in three colors, Gold/black, Avocado, and Cream/Natural.
  • Please contact me for current prices as they do vary.
  • Custom colors and sizes are available upon request.

Table Runners & Place Mats

My latest passion is to create woven pieces of art!  I have been creating functional art for over 30 years.  This direction is exciting for me as I can push the envelope on the woven structure while it is on the loom and then recreate it into something else.  I think the pieces speak for themselves.  If you are interested in having me work up a wall piece I suggest that I see a picture of the place where it will go, a knowledge of the colors and the type of materials that would suit the environment of which it is placed and the lighting be it natural or from some source.  Each wall piece is a one of a kind.