Date have been changed to Saturday September 19 2020

In this all-day event participants will learn how to plant, harvest, use flax tools (Brake, Scutch, Hackle), make a strick, and come home with some seeds for planting in their own garden.

Cost $250.00 per person.  Fee includes morning snacks, box lunch, materials, and a resource list. Enrollment is limited please contact us for reservations.

Schedule of events

8:00-9:00am: Registration meet and greet. Refreshments of coffee, tea and pastries.


  • Introduction by Sandy Fisher
  • Presentations by Durl Van Alstyne and Sandy Fisher
  1. Guest Presentation by Agriculture Student Suiry Cardosa of CSUC on her discovery of Fiber Seed Varieties best suited for our Northern California climate.
  2. How to Plant your flax seed Broadcasting techniques versus row planting
  3. Harvesting flax out in the field. This part of the workshop will explore the right time to harvest for just fiber or fiber plus seed. We will then learn to bundle flax as we pull it from its roots.
  4. Retting both Dew and Wet explained.  We will discuss both methods using a small tank or ow volume sprinklers.  We also will show examples of ready retted flax.

12:00pm: Lunch Break – Lunch Provided


  • Hands on processing – learning how use a traditional Brake, Scutch/Paddle and a series of Hackles.
  • Create a decorative Strick


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