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“Tucked in by the entrance of the artisan barn at this year’s California Nut Festival is a booth that seems perfectly at home with its setting. The light from the open door is catching bundles of dry flax and the barn floor is slowly acquiring little mountains of woody fiber as people demonstrate turning flax into linen. This is Chico Flax’s second year tabling at the festival. Running the booth are two of the main forces behind the project: Sandy Fisher and her husband Durl Van Alstyne. Working alongside them are a college student, a teacher, and members from the Mt. Lassen Fiber Guild. This assortment of people hints at what quickly becomes more apparent: in choosing the name of a place, The Chico Flax Project is pointing to more than the location of their farm — they’re highlighting the numerous community members interwoven with the vision to make a Chico-based cloth. As Sandy describes it, the project has swept up all kinds of people including those “who just want to get their hands in the dirt.”read more