Spin Flax into Linen

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This spinning class will be taught by master Spinner Stephenie Gaustad. In this class the students will spin the line flax, for warp, and some of the hackled tow for weft to make the weft notably different. Students will then size the warp, get it on the cardboard loom, spin a weft, to needle weave the textile.

This presentation on the basics of spinning/weaving flax includes

.Making your own distaff . If you have a :corn broom (straw, natural, not plastic) straw bring it even if it is well-worn.

Bring a a wheel with which you are comfortable. Bobbins for the wheel should be lacquered or varnished (sealed against moisture)_ as the flax is spun wet and goes onto the bobbin wet. We will provide spinning wheels should you not have a wheel.

We will be spinning Weft and warp: two different yarns and discussing finishing techniques after spinning your flaxen yarns.

And we will be using cardboard looms so you can finish weaving at home if you don't finish in class. Those who finish in class can beetle their fabric and their yarn.

We will be in contact with each student before the class to see if you will need a spinning wheel and answer any questions..

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