Weaving a Rag Rug

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It’s hard not to find a relationship to a Rag Rug. Many of us have them in our collection of weavings telling our family story though the weft or rags within the rug. Rag rugs were a solution to continue the life of a piece of clothing or fabrics rather them throwing them away. Today more than ever the Rag Rug has more value to us for its use of repurposed materials. The Rag Rug creates a piece of art for our floor or walls that will last beyond the weaver’s life time.

In this class we will explore techniques on preparing our rags for weaving, implement weaving techniques that will help create a lasting rug, finishing techniques and tips. I will also offer helpful design elements to create one of a kind contemporary art rug.

The Rag Rug workshop is limited to 5 all using countermarche looms that I am providing. Each loom will be set up in a rose path twill pattern using 8/2 cotton to highlight the cut rags each student will have prepared before class. On each loom I will have 5 different strips of natural colors to play with. Beginners welcome.

A few weeks before the class we will have a Zoom meeting to meet and discuss the planning for each person’s rag rug. During the meeting I will show ways to prepare your rags and how much you will need for a 24x36 rug. Students should come prepared to weave their rugs during the one-day workshop at my studio.

Zoom meeting: Sunday May 11 at 4pm.

Loom day in Chico: Saturday June 1 10-3pm

$475.00 includes zoom meeting time, fully warped looms up and naturally dyed color ways to highlight each student’s rags.

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