Yarn - Sport Weight Yarn - Lindsey Woolsey - Natural 2020

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Chico Flax to Linen is thrilled to offer our 2020 batch of blended Chico Flax linen and wool yarn. Lovingly processed by a wonderful team, this product is ideal for any project. Our linen adds drape and beathablity to the wool in this 35% Chico Flax line 65% Targhee/ Romney wool blend. Ideal for knitting, weaving or any textile project. A reviewer says: “the yarn holds its stitch definition very well, and even though it has less elasticity than 100% wool, it is not stiff or unrelenting like cotton.”

This yarn is entirely Northern-California local between the locally grown flax and locally raised wool, hand processing, and local spinning. It is also Transitional Climate Beneficial, meaning that its making captures and sequesters carbon from the atmosphere. 

  • Hand wash only 
  • 50gram/1.75 oz/126 yards 
  • Transitional Climate Beneficial

Gauge: 5 stitches to the inch and Size 6-7 knitting needles.

Color information 

This warmly neutral yarn is the natural color of the linen and wool it’s composed of. It is ready to dye or leave natural.

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